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CounterPoint is a multimedia queue management system for shops
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7 November 2011

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Own a shop with multiple employees who more often than not fail to amuse you with their productivity-level and overall performance? Also, you as a owner of a shop understand well how crucial it is for a business to appease your customers with your service and delivery- another aspect that you perhaps feel your staff should be more focused upon! To help you mitigate all these worries and make the best out of your workforce, the developers at Presentation Focus have come up with an innovative solution in the form of the CounterPoint 1.0 - a software that takes many crucial aspect including the queue management mechanism in its own hand to ensure the utmost performance.

CounterPoint 1.0 takes a different approach to help a show owner to accomplish the aforementioned objectives. It takes a proactive role in enhancing your shop’s overall productivity on its own without any staff input. Just configure the software once, and it will be displaying company information consistently in an effort to provide the crucial information to the waiting queues. The current “Now Serving” number will also be displayed on the screen in real time. Apart from that, with this software you can also merge the old-style counter displays with today’s sophisticated multimedia advertising. Apart from that, you can also use the software to display Microsoft PowerPoint presentations on screen. Configure the program to show these presentations during non-peak-hours and the counter-display during business peak hours. Also, there is a provision for you to add a sound to the counter display to notify customer every time the counter updates.

Due to its high-end features and a reliable performance, CounterPoint can safely be termed as one of the best software of its class. Hence it is rewarded with a score of four-and-a-half rating points out of five.

Publisher's description

CounterPoint is a multimedia queue management system for shops. It enhances staff productivity and delivers customer satisfaction.
Enhance your shop's productivity by streamlining waiting queues with multimedia screens that are displaying company information, product information and the current 'now serving' number.
Combine old-style counter display functionality with multimedia advertising.
Run a dynamic presentation designed with Microsoft PowerPoint.
Switch between general slides in idle time and counter display in peak times.
Display a sound or notification signal when the counter updates.
Version 1.0
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